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Speed Dome Camera

Speed dome cameras also called PTZ dome cameras are widely used in middle and big scale surveillance areas, it can monitor the whole area with just one speed dome camera and without any blind spot. This kind of security cameras always come with vandal-proof housing for protection itself from smash and hit. The zoom module is the crucial component for speed dome cameras.  The inside zoom module can pan rotation from 0 degree to 360 degree, and auto flip tilt rotation from 0 degree to 180 degree. Majority of these camera can setup patrol route and cruise points.

Speed dome cameras vary from pan and tilt rotation speed, speed dome cameras can be classified with high speed dome cameras (360 ° per second), middle speed dome cameras (40°-60° per second) and low speed dome cameras (8° – 18 ° per second).

The most important features for speed dome camera is the ability to zoom in and zoom out image, automatically focus image during the operation, and nowadays, majority speed dome cameras are equipped with 10x zoom, 22x zoom, 27x zoom, 36x zoom modules. Typically big zoom module can see more far distance and capture more clear and detailed images.