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Siren/Hooter connect to the control panel to raise an alarm to threaten the intruder run away.

The External Siren installed and wired to the Control Panel will activate in the event of an intrusion with the system armed. In the event of the cable to the Siren Unit being deliberately cut an alarm will be generated at the control panel, provided that the tamper circuit to the Siren has been connected.

Siren should be located as high as possible in a prominent position so that it can be easily seen and heard. When running the cable to the siren, the cable should pass through a hole in the external wall and enter through the rear of the casing.

Sounds generated by the system can be made different for various system alarms. In addition, the type of sound can help to scare away an intruder or evacuate the building during a fire.

During a burglary the siren’s sound is startling, but more effectively, filling the room with sound blocks the intruder’s ability to hear police sirens approaching. This lack of ability to hear into the distance raises the panic level of an intruder most likely making them want to leave. Consider outfitting the system with indoor sounders to fill the room with noise and outdoor sirens to call for the immediate attention of neighbours.