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Plot No. 2, Vikas Path, Nandpuri, 22 Godown, Jaipur, Rajasthan.(PIN: 302006)


This GSM Auto Dialer is a device which built-in with GSM Module can enable your existing hardwired alarm system using GSM cellular network, rather than telephone line network for alarm transmission. It doesn’t have any inputs or outputs, and can not pre-set phone numbers for auto-dialing, also it is without SMS alert function.

Main Features

1. Unique,Elegant design with Microcomputer control.
2. With LCD screen to display the time, date, calender.
3. Built-in Control Keypad, easy operation.
4. Built-in Microphone, Can remotely monitoring the house.
5. Support two way communication function
6. With Emergency help function, press emergency button, the alarm will be triggered immediately
7. With backup rechargeable battery, work for 24 hours.
8. GSM Signal checking & weak signal warning.
9. Suitable to use at homes,villas, stores, museums or Warehouses etc.
10. Able to work with any wired alarm systems with telephone function to be a wireless GSM alarm system