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A DVR security system is a kind of surveillance camera system with digital security cameras that records motion video digitally hence the word Digital Video Recorder came from. It is an economical surveillance solution but with a high-quality recording and allows monitoring from various location or computer.

With the help of a DVR card stored within the system; signals from the digital security cameras are being captured and stored in the hard drive digitally.  This allows the system to run for several months without much maintenance. The quantity of documentation is determined not only by the hard drive capacity.  But it is also determined by the number of cameras and the frames per second.

How does it Work?

A DVR security system is a set of closed circuit video cameras connected to a DVR device or a PC capable of digital video recording. The number of video surveillance cameras to be installed depends on the range and dimension of the area to be monitored as well as the layout. Often, a single camera can monitor in a range of 1000 square feet or 93m². Upgrading from VCR to DVR is quite simple; you only need to plug-in the existing CCTV camera system to the new DVR security system and let the recording begin.

When the hard drive reaches its capacity limit; the DVR sends an alert via beeping, unless the system is set to overwrite previous footage. In some DVR security system; built-in option of audio is made available through some requires additional audio kit record audio sounds.